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North York notary public provides fast and accurate notary services at 4646 Dufferin St. unit 6, North York (Dufferin and Martin Ross) Mon to Fri from 10 am to 4.00 pm. As a Toronto Notary Public office and a Commissioner of Oaths, we are able to stamp your documents on the spot with minimal waiting time. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – CALL NOW ☎️ 416-979-4626!

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North York Notary is a notarization public office located in North York area of the GTA, Ontario, Canada. It provides accurate notarization services and the commission of documents to people living there. Our public Notary also handles the legalization of the document to be used in foreign countries, for instance, China, Russia, Brazil, Algeria, the UAE, and Cuba. The public notarization company works with legalized officers such as lawyers, barristers, and a commissioner appointed by the Attorney general to notarize documents and commission oaths. We stamp documents and certification of signatures for our clients.

The cost of notarization at Notary North York varies depending on the involvement of the notary staff. We provide reasonable and affordable services.

Notary public Toronto North York can certify the following types of documents:

  • Affidavits and Statutory Declarations in North York

An affidavit is a legal document with a deponent’s verified statement as true to the best of his knowledge through swearing and affirmation of oaths. A lawyer or a commissioner of the oath must witness the signing of the document and ensure it was well administered. The Notary North York provides legal affidavit services to people who want their documents signed by a notary public. We follow the government’s recommended steps to prepare a legal affidavit. The steps include:

* Gathering all the required information and documents
* Find out the reason for the affidavit
* Interviewing of the deponent
* Drafting of the affidavit
* Finalizing and commissioning the affidavit

A statutory declaration has similar features as an affidavit apart from the verification that requires a solemn oath with no affidavit legislation authority. A notary public administers this statement’s signing under the given law and in the presence of the deponent. The report contained in the statutory declaration remains the responsibility of the deponent; the commissioner of the oath has no right to verify its validity. As Notary Public North York, we draft the statutory declaration and witness the signing of the statement.

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  • Consent to travel form

A Department of Global Affairs recommends a child less than 18 years travel with one parent or alone to have travel letter consent. They should also have other supporting documents, such as birth certificates. The consent letter must have passed through a notary public for notarization. The parent must contact the representative of the place where the child is visiting to inquire about the entry requirements. The parent also asks the transportation industry for any additional policies before allowing the child to travel.

As a notary public, we notarize this document at a small fee. We only need the parent granting the child’s consent to come in person to our offices and must carry a valid original document of identification, like a driver’s license or passport and the birth certificate of the child.

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  • Power of Attorney

A written document that allows a person to give authority to someone he trusts to act on his behalf in making financial and property decisions. In this case, an attorney is not necessarily a lawyer; you can choose your friend, relative, or someone you trust to act on your behalf. The attorney can represent you in financial, legal, business, and private affairs.

We have an ordinary and enduring power of attorney. The ordinary power of attorney remains valid when the donor is still mentally capable and ends when the donor becomes mentally incapable while enduring power of attorney continues with the validity even if the donor becomes incompetent mentally. Some of the situations that may force someone to have a power of attorney include:

* Going on vacation in other countries
* A medical condition that impacts your mental health
* Traveling to another country for job purposes

* Having limited time in running your business
* Operating a business in your absence

We notarize a power of attorney at Notary North York. The principal and the person receiving the power of attorney sign the document in the presence of a notary public commissioner.

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  • HireRight background check

A background check for a person includes criminal records, education, employment, and credit history. Every type of background check gives different information on the candidate undergoing the check. A lot of crimes that involve fraud, moral, and dishonest behavior might disqualify someone from getting the notary public document.

In Canada, the hire right ensures the background screening for every person with Canadian citizenship or someone with an education or living history. It also gives a clear clarification on the criminal background of employees to help the employer determine the right candidate for an available position.

As a public Notary in North York, we have a vast knowledge of background screening for the people. By adhering to the territories state of law, we provide a background check for employees. The services we offer include

* Indication of criminal records
* Verification of employment and education record
* Reference interviewing
* Certification verification and professional license
* International terrorism, political and financial sanctions
* An abstract of the drivers’ document.

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  • Statement of conscience or religious belief: Immunization of School Pupils Act

The majority of pupils in Canada must receive immunization for them to attend school. There is no medical officer or school that has a right to suspend a student for not receiving the vaccine. All parents in North York Canada must fill out the statement of conscience or religious belief form if they want to exempt their children from receiving the vaccine under the Immunization of school pupil Act. The health officer must properly keep the immunization record.

A parent who does not want the child to receive the vaccine must swear an affidavit provided by a notary public. The name of the testimony is the statement of conscience or belief immunization to allow their children exempted from the vaccination. The parent will not hold the school or medical health responsible for the child if the child is affected after an outbreak of disease they are immunizing. We offer notarization services such as swearing in this affidavit at a lower price and faster. The parent swears the oath in front of a commissioner and then signs it. The parent then submits the document to the school.

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  • Application for an Insurance Agent’s Licence

An insurance agent license allows you to sell insurance policies such as medical, life, and bond within your chosen territory. All the applicants must submit the notice of appointment of agency form called form 9A. An employer sponsors the insurance agent for him or her to get the license. The procedures to follow when applying for an insurance agent license include

* Online application on the website of the province you chose to apply
* Pick an insurance category that you prefer such as life or medical
* Read and understand the terms and regulations required to get the license
* Provide your background history
* Collect the study material from your employer or instructor
* Register for basic insurance classes
* Collect the study material for the test from the class instructor
* Register for the exam and ensure you pass

A notary public helps the applicant in providing documents certification.

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  • A certified true copy of a document

The majority of institutions require supporting documents before they offer you the services you want. The necessary supporting documents are identification cards, passports, birth certificates, or academic records. For instance, an employer may ask for certified copies of your educational documents or when you plan to apply for a visa or regulation of stock exchange and securities.

To avoid the submission of all your original documents, you can use an exact certified copy. It also saves you from the risk of misplacing your original papers and reduces time wastage. The certification of this document proves that the photocopied document is the exact copy of the original text.

A real notarized copy of the certification is legally recognized in Canada. A notary public witness notarizes copies of the original document. We print a statement to certify the photocopy as the original document and sign and seal it.

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  • Manufacturer’s Declaration for Export of Food Products

An export declaration form contains all the information about the type, quality, and quantity of goods shipped. The Canadian food inspection Agency (CFIA) helps the manufacturer to export food products manufactured in Canada. The manufacture declaration form for export food products has a declaration that the manufacturer must ensure the food production takes place according to the regulation of the Food and Drug Act.

The person in charge of a manufacturing company must complete a declaration form in the presence of a witness commissioner and take oaths or swearing affidavit that product manufacturing operates according to the requirements. The form contains information on the name, size, number, weight, and volume of the products to export. No one can interfere with the form of quality, safety, and production methods.

After the manufacturer representative completes filling out the form and signing it in the presence of a commissioner or notary public who also signed and stamped the agent, take it to the office of the Canadian food inspection Agency. The CFIA inspector signed and stamped it.

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  • Standard Canadian Construction Documents: CCDC 9A-2001; CCDC 9B-2001; CCDC9A-2018 etc.

In the majority of construction companies, the general contractors rarely interact with subcontractors and suppliers. The owner only engages the general contractor. The general contractors work with subcontractors, and the process continues. The arrangement is called the construction pyramid. A statutory declaration helps in ensuring all employees received their payments. The signing party must approve the full payment of the account. It also proves to the paying party that all employees get their payments fully.

You may get the forms from the website of the Canadian Construction Documents Committee website. For example, to get a Statutory Declaration of Progress Payment Distribution by Contractor you may download it here.

At North York notary, we ensure that the commissioner and the deponent sign this statutory declaration and offer the notary stamp and seal. The requirement of this declaration includes the

* Name of the construction company
* The project name
* The proper description of the construction company
* The name of the owner of the construction company
* The name of the tenant
* The declaration that the account was paid in full as required by the construction company.

The deponent should physically present himself so that the commissioner will not question his identity. The procedure used for statutory construction declaration

* The physical presence of the deponent during the commission of oath to sign the document.
* The deponent must read and clearly understand all the information stated in the document.
* The deponent orally says that the declaration is correct to the best of his/her knowledge.

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  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada: Examination Application

You must complete a registration form when you want to apply for the Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada (PEBC). The document is then submitted for notarization to prove the evidence of your identity and education. You should apply for the examination online and send it using a checklist and application letter. For certification of your documents according to PEBC requirements, you must have a copy of the original documents signed and stamped on each page by someone from the acceptable witness list.

At the Notary Public North York, we work with the lawyers, commissioners of oaths, or notary public as acceptable witnesses. The witness notarizes the document, stamp and sign the front of the photograph, and attached it to the first page of the application. The necessary documents required by PEBC to prove your citizenship include a Canadian identification card, birth certificate, and a valid passport. For non-citizens, you produce a permanent resident card, work permit, valid passport, and education evidence.

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  • Promissory note

Promissory notes state the condition used by businesses to borrow capital or obtain goods and services on credit. The majority of companies choose to notarize promissory notes to prevent future disputes. The promissory note contains the details of the specific amount and how the borrower will pay the money. A notarized promise note contains questions, complete documents that the borrower should sign, and a money refund guarantee.

The parties involved must sign the promissory note in the presence of a notary public. Our public Notary provides notarizing services for the promissory bill. The services include drafting a promissory letter, the procedure for signing, and the witnesses involved.

  • Probate documents

Probate is a process used to establish the validity of a will in the presence of a lawyer. Preparing of probate document requires less time if all the facts are collected. The collection of facts requires due diligence and can consume a lot of time. At North York Notary, we prepare the necessary documents and organize how the beneficiaries will sign them. We carry out the location of all the specific people mentioned in the will and ensure they sign the document.

  • Passport application – Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor for passport and immigration

For someone to apply for a Canadian passport or Canadian Travel Document, they need to have an application form, a passport photo, copies of supporting documents such as an international driving license or identification card, and documents that prove their identity signed by a qualified guarantor. At North York Notary, we commission the statutory declaration in Lieu form number PPTC 132 to applicants who have no eligible guarantors to help them with a passport application. This form is not available for download and must be collected by the applicant from any passport service location, in other words, the government passport office.

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Canada has prestigious and attractive education offers. For someone to travel to Canada, an affidavit is sworn to verify the validity of your documents. For the custodian of minors going for studies, you must prove to Canadian immigration that the person in charge of your child custody is a responsible adult.

You must also complete the IMM5646 form. The Notary public gives guidance on how to complete the application and notarize it. The form has two declaration pages. The first-page declaration requires the signature of the custodian and notarization from Canada. In contrast, the second-page statement requires the parents or legal guardian to sign and notarize from the home country.

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  • Alive Certificate – For Old Age Foreign Pensions

The majority of people find it weird when asked for proof of life. If you are entitled to international pension and benefits, you must submit a declaration form signed by a notary public or commissioner of oath to verify your real identity. Insurance companies also use the proof of life documents, pension, and government to prove that the person is still alive and continues to receive the benefits. This document requires a notary public to confirm its validity. At North York Notary, we can handle your notarization needs. We request you to come in person with valid government documents like identification cards to fill in the notary part on your form.

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A written document that allows a principal to appoint someone he trusts to act on his behalf in handling financial and legal decisions. The power of attorney document gives a relative or friend the authority to act on your behalf. You must have a notarized document legalized by the embassy of that country if you sign a power of attorney for another country. We will help you notarize your power of attorney legal documents according to the territory law at a small fee. The only requirements include the sign of the principal and two witnesses not related to the attorney.

The most common power of attorney documents in Canada include

Power of Attorney for personal care is a case whereby you appoint someone to take care of your own decision on your medical care when you become incapable.

Power of attorney for Non-Continuing allows you to authorize someone to make a financial decision on your behalf. It occurs in situations where you are traveling out of the country, or you have less time while continuing power of attorney for property allows you to appoint someone to manage your financial decision if you become incompetent mentally.

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Cases involving safety for children have risen. The Canadian government introduces new measures to help in minimizing the problems. Any child traveling abroad must have a citizenship card, birth certificate, and a clear photograph of the identification card. A parent must enquire about other necessary documents required for the country that the child will travel to. The child must also have a consent letter indicating the authorization of the parent to move.

Our notary public notarizes the travel consent letter for the child to travel abroad. For a child going alone, a consent letter is issued for every trip abroad. A notarized consent letter is issued to prove the other parent’s knowledge about the journey if the child is traveling with one parent.

In a situation where the child is traveling with one parent or alone, and the parents are separated or divorced, they need to carry a single consent travel letter. The consent letter must have the signature of both parents. It is then signed and stamped by the legal authority that commissioned the oath. The parent should come with an original copy of the separation or divorce certificate, a copy of the childbirth certificate, or a death certificate in case one parent died.

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  • Canadian visitor visa declaration – Documents for Canadian visitor visa sponsorship declaration.

For you to visit Canada, you must apply for a resident visitor, also called a visitor visa. Before you get a visitor visa, you must have a letter of invitation. That indicates the name of the person who invited you. The Canadian visa office requires a notarized letter of invitation from the notary public. Even though the letter does not guarantee you will get the visa, you must present it along with the application letter and other legal documents such as a birth certificate and identification card.

The cheap Notary North York will assist you in drafting the visitor visa declaration sponsorship for you, your family, and your children at an affordable price.

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North York Notary Public FAQ:

Q: How much does it cost to notarize a document in Canada?

A: The cost of document notarization may vary depending on the involvement of the notary office staff in the procedure. The cost is higher when legal advice is required before document notarization.

Q: Who can notarize documents in Canada?

A: Only legal professionals with certain registration – lawyers, notaries, and commissioners can notarize documents in Canada. In some cases, police officers professional engineers, and doctors can also notarize some types of documents.

Q: How do you get a document notarized?

A: Bring the document to a notary or commissioner, and bring with you two government-issued photo IDs, like a driver’s license and passport. The notary or commissioner identifies you, asks you to sign and then certifies the document with a seal.

Q: Where notary public in North York located?

A: Our North York notary public and commissioner of oaths office is conveniently located at Finch and Dufferin intersection in the North York area. The address is 4646 Dufferin St. unit 6, North York (Dufferin and Martin Ross). We provide a notary public walk-in service from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. by appointment only. To book a notary appointment call 1-866-334-0811 or 416-979-4626. You may also book your appointment with a North York notary by going online – CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Q: What is near the notary public in North York?

A: North York notary public is located at 4646 Dufferin St. unit 6, North York (Dufferin and Martin Ross).

Q: Does the North York notary provides mobile notary service by the commissioner of oaths?

A: Yes, we provide this kind of service by preliminary booked appointment only and within GTA limits. Due to the specifics of such a service, there is a minimum of $100 additional fee involved and we can do signature certifications and document copy stamping only. No document drafting is possible during these outcalls. All forms, statements, documents’ copies in the required quantities, etc. must be prepared before our commissioner of oaths arrives.

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Q: How to get an apostille on my document?

A: We can do the apostille procedure (officially in Canada it is called document legalization) to any document that has been issued in Canada. Most frequently required are apostille of birth certificate, apostille of marriage certificate, and apostille of death certificate. We can document legalization in most countries of the world. To see the list of countries for our document legalization service click here.

Q: What countries can you do legalization of the documents for?

A: North York notary may do document legalization for use in most foreign countries. The most popular are the legalization of documents for Brazil, legalization of documents for China, legalization of documents for Algeria, legalization of documents for the Netherlands, legalization of documents for Ukraine, legalization of documents for UAE, legalization of documents for Mexico, legalization of documents for Cuba, etc.

Q: How do I get a certified copy of my diploma?

A: You need to bring or mail us the original of the document, in your case, it is a diploma. Our notary or commissioner will make a copy of it and put the stamp or certificate confirming the authenticity of the copy to the original document. We can put a true copy certification seal on the copies of passports, certificates, PR Cards, etc.

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