Canadian Documents Legalization / Apostille For NIGERIA

NIGERIA legalization fees and requirements per document:

  • - 30.00 CAD Note: 2 copies of the documents, the applicant's ID copy, 1 passport size photo of the applicant.
    • - 60.00 CAD Note: Nigeria drivers license validation: 1.Original of the Nigerian drivers license. 2. Copy of Nigerian passport data page and the page showing the date of last entry into Canada or Immigration record; 3. Proof of address in Canada.<br>
      • - 110.00 CAD Note: Commercial invoices. Must be accompanied by: a) letter on the company letter head requesting legalization and containing the list of products to be exported. b) certificate of free sale from DFAIT or Health Canada. c) two sets of the documents (original + copy).
        • Disbursement fee of 179.98 applied to each document.
        • Processing time by NIGERIA embassy/consulate is 12 business days.

      Please allow extra time for our processing. Note that for your documents to be accepted by the embassy/consulate, they must be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, formerly - DFAIT, in Ottawa. We can provide authentication at the Department for $199.98 with the processing of 1 business day. Regular processing (10 business days) also available at the rate of $99.98. Global Affairs authenticates only the documents originated in Canada that meet the following requirements (click on the link).

      Upon request we may provide documents drafting by our lawyers and paralegals and translation services by our qualified translators.

      All documents that are executed in other than English or French in order to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada must be accompanied by translation in either of these two languages by certified translator from accredited provincial translation association (for example, ATIO in Ontario).

      If you do not have a translator, we can do it for you! Get the best price for your document translation service at (click on the link).

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